International Property Investment Opportunities Open Up For South Africans

Offshore commercial property investments are seen as a low-risk rand hedge which offers attractive returns for South Africans, given the current exchange rates. However, knowing what to buy in which area of which country that will offer the highest returns and the lowest risk can be challenging for investors.

This is according to Gregg Huntingford, CEO of Spire Property Management, who says that there has not been an easily accessible way for South Africans to buy top commercial property internationally – particularly those properties that have not been widely canvassed and which tick all the boxes.

“South Africans are increasingly looking to invest in commercial property abroad. However, without the knowledge and the right advice, buying overseas can be daunting.”

This is set to change through a partnership between Spire andthe CORFAC International network. Spire is the only firm in South Africa who are members of CORFAC.

Established in 1989, CORFAC International is a global network of real estate brokerage firms and currently has members in 26 countries, of which Spire makes up the South African presence. Other countries include USA, Colombia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Russia, America, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Membership is exclusive to each region and by invitation only.

“CORFAC’s brokerage network is comprised of collaborative, entrepreneurial firms that provide top-level market expertise in their regions. It is through this network that Spire can offer access to knowledge and in-depth investment insights for South Africans looking to purchase overseas,” says Huntingford. “The collaboration between CORFAC members means that Spire is able to tap into this knowledge on behalf of our clients and to pair investors with property experts on the ground.”

“Buying property overseas can present a rewarding diversification in a portfolio and a hedge against currency volatility,” notes Huntingford. “South Africans can now safely and confidently access the real estate market abroad through our collaboration with CORFAC.”

“The same applies in reverse, and with many international investors looking to purchase in South Africa due to favourable yields in some sectors, Spire is well positioned to share our expertise on local property opportunities through the CORFAC network. Additionally, many corporates are able to use our international links to ensure best practices and aid in linking up to international head office requirements,” concludes Huntingford.

For further information on the CORFAC network and investing internationally through this collaboration contact Gregg Huntingford on (021) 685 4020.

Gregg Huntingford