Occupancy cost reduction through sustainability

“Additional measures that are being implemented in Spire managed buildings are sustainable retrofits, such as lighting and solar installations,” explains Gregg Huntingford, CEO of Spire Property Management.

“Our unique sustainability division will go into a building and assess what green measures are currently in place (if any) as well as those that can be implemented. We then advise the client on these measures and their costs and thereafter can run the project at competitive rates.”

“Sustainable measures within a building lead to occupancy cost reduction for the tenants. Once again engendering a long term commitment to their lease.”

“Such deals also have to take into account the property owner’s needs, the building itself and the node. All items combine to create a unique mix that Spire always seeks to optimise for all concerned. We believe passionately in win: win outcomes,” says Huntingford. “We have specific vacancies that allow us to apply such thinking, and our teams are keen to do deals.”